Case Study of Wildlife Pathology in Malaysia (Volume 1)

Editors : Jasni Sabri, Mohd Zamri Saad, Faez Firdaus Jesse Abdullah, Annas Salleh, Azman Shah, Donny Yawah

The book was part of the agenda in the memorandum of understanding between MAVP and PERHILITAN. It showcases seven chapters including application of knowledge of pathology for diagnosis of wildlife cases. Five pathology cases involving black-handed gibbon, Malayan gaur, barking deer, timor deer, and Asian elephant were documented in this book. A total of 80 gross and histopathology images were included in this book. 

The book was launched at the 11th MAVP Scientific Conference 2019, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia. Most contributors of the cases are members of MAVP.

Veterinary Pathology Is Exciting: The Journey Begins

Authors : S. Jasni and I.I. Al-Sultan
Publisher : UMK Press
This bilingual book consists of 13 chapters providing you with the knowledge on changes to cells and organs due to injurious agents or conditions and facilitates comprehension of the development of clinical sign and death. This book introduces basic concepts and principles of veterinary pathology comprising gross and histopathology cloured-images to illustrate the lesions for a better understanding on the topic discussed. It is suitable for all enthusiasts of veterinary, animal health and medical students and professionals as well as the public who are eager to know the basic pathology. You will enjoy your journey to explore this exciting knowledge, on the what, when and why of sickness and death.
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Basic Histology and histopathology of Fish

Editor : Annas Salleh
Authors : Annas Salleh, Mohd Zamri Saad, Mohd Fuad Matori, Muhammad Noor Amal Azmai, Azila Abdullah, Nur Diyana Mohamad Tahir

The book comprises four main components; the general techniques in necropsy and histology, the basic cytology and histology of fish, the basic histopathology of fish, and the artefacts in histology. More than 100 gross, illustrative, histological and ultrastructural images from more than 20 species of fishes are incorporated in this book to aid readers in grasping the contents. This book is designed for veterinary scientists, veterinarians, researchers, biologists, ichthyologists, and histologists. 

The book was launched at the 10th MAVP Scientific Conference 2018, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The authors are members and expert references of MAVP.